[mythtv] Suspend2Ram and mythtv

Colin Guthrie mythtv at colin.guthr.ie
Fri Sep 1 16:20:02 UTC 2006

Goktug YILDIRIM wrote:
> My frontend is a diskless EPIA M10000. Framebuffer in BIOS is set to 
> 64MB and system has total 512MB of RAM.

Snap!! Same here. Not sure about my Framebuffer memory tho'.

> I can succesfully suspendtoram with acpi_sleep=s3_mode kernel boot 
> parameter and "echo mem >/sys/power/state" in console. Bring the machine 
> back is also OK.

Yup me to.

> I kill X server before going to suspend mode since it is has problems 
> with suspend. X server is restarted when switching to online mode.

Oh OK, never tried that, mine always comes back up. With some caveats 
tho'... see below. I used to have to kill Myth in order to get my LIRC 
remote to work properly after suspend tho' as it would not reinitialize 
it. I was going to take a look at that at some point but never got round 
to it!

> This was pretty fine in 0.19 but in 0.20-svn-10761 it has problems with 
> XvMC. In "VIA XVMC" mode of mythtv, after coming back from suspend mode, 
> no videos and also live tv is viewable. Only a blue screen is displayed 
> and sound is heared. Mythfrontend has lots of xvmc errors regarding to 
> unable to create surface and some framebuffer memory related things.

Well I've not had quite those issues. I've had problems with playback in 
that it is very "jumpy" after resuming. I thought for a while that this 
was due to it using NFS before suspend and myth:// after resume but 
never got round to looking into this further (I'm very lazy!) - I'm also 
pretty sure that it is actually still using NFS from the logs, but 
perhaps NFS is in some way "sticky" after resuming... like I say not 
narrowed it down as a reboot is very quick and I am very lazy!

> Other issue is opengl drawing seems to fail in 0.20-svn-10761 for my 
> EPIA M10000 frontend. After switching to OpenGL drawing and restarting 
> mythfrontend, CPU is always %100. OpenGL effects seems to be working but 
> too slow since CPU is too busy.
> I wonder if someone has some understanding on these issues.

The OpenGL painter works fine for me. Not really a problem navigating 
etc. What process is taking up the CPU? Perhaps you don't have the 
correct drivers for the graphics? (Or perhaps my framebuffer memory is 
different to yours).

FWIW, my f/e is NFS booting of a distro based on Mandriva 2006.0 
packages. Nothing particularly custom has been done to it (other than 
the init scripts to cope with NFS root etc. and the initrd which I made 
with the mkinitrd-net package)



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