[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] mythtv commit: r11013 - in trunk/mythtv by nigel

Andrew Kimpton awk at awkward.org
Fri Sep 1 14:23:50 UTC 2006

Nigel wrote :

> Workaround for Mac OS X Intel QuickTime crash, thanks to Mino Taoyama.
> I also added a hack for users that have the MacYuvConversion setting off,
> which prevents the crash by specifying a different (incorrect) codec type

I've seen some commentary elsewhere on the 'net that Apples YUV420 ->  
YUV422 (and I guess by association the YUV420 -> RGB) conversion is  
poor. Experience here seems to indicate that it's more than poor.

So why do we even have an option to invoke it ? Given that there are  
now Altivec and MMX routines in place to do YUV420 -> YUV422 (and  
YUV422 -> RGB conversion is a well supported conversion on Mac OS X),  
can't we just drop the whole choice ?

Simply set up the QT surface as YUV422 and invoke the host based code  
to convert YUV420 into that surface as a destination and then get  
QuickTime to draw it to the GrafPort.

Andrew 8-)

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