[mythtv] MythVideo internal player filetype case sensitive

Eggert Thorlacius eggi-spam at menandmice.com
Sat Oct 21 15:36:21 UTC 2006

On 20.10.2006, at 19:42, Anduin Withers wrote:

>> It broke when Anduin applied his big MythVideo patch, and  
>> reimplementing
>> it would be a bit tricky (the path from where I sent in the  
>> wantsAltPlayer
>> param to the place where it is acted on is much longer now).  I  
>> haven't
>> bothered updating the patch because I got no feedback on it, but I  
>> suppose
>> I could give it another shot if there is interest.
> Feedback: I want the functionality but I want +n instead of +1.
> I didn't close the ticket and I'm aware the patch no longer  
> applies. I want
> something more like player profiles; I didn't have time to  
> implement it for
> 0.20.

So when you select "Player" in the MythVideo setup menu, you'd get  
something like this (excuse the crappy ASCII art)

  Player       | Command      | File type
| Internal    | n/a          | *.mpg,*.avi     |
| Xine        | xine -f %s   | *.mpg,*.avi     |
| mplayer     | mplayer %s   | *.avi           |
| Xine DVD    | xine dvd:/%s | *.iso,VIDEO_TS  |
|             |              |                 |
[Add]   [Del]   [Edit]   [Move up]   [Move Down]

And in the video list you could select "Play with..." from a menu,  
and be prompted with a list of all players that match the file type.   
If you select "Play" (or hit return), you'd get the first matching  

Or are you thinking about something completely different?

> As for current work, I was going to wait until after 0.21 to do  
> anything
> more than bug fixing (as the next major chunk is the MythDVD/ 
> MythVideo merge
> and 0.21 was occasionally mentioned in the same breath as numbers  
> that were
> followed by weeks). In other words, the next thing I plan to do  
> will likely
> invalidate portions of new patches (unless they make it in before the
> merge).

OK, I can wait :-)

One thing that would make writing patches like this to MythVideo  
simpler would be if VideoTree was a subclass of VideoDialog like the  
other views.  That wouldn't happen to be on your todo list, would it?

> If I leave a ticket open it is safe to assume it is going to make  
> it in
> there in some form or another. If that type of default feedback  
> isn't enough
> then I'll confirm the rumor that I have an e-mail address and have  
> been
> known to read and respond to things sent to it (or you can start a  
> thread
> here, there certainly is precedent).

When I was complaining about lack of feedback, I wasn't referring to  
you.  I just meant that since I got no mail from anyone that had  
applied the patch or had tried and failed to apply it I just assumed  
that everyone was happy with the Internal player and there simply was  
no interest in this feature.  I'm glad to hear that I am wrong.


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