[mythtv] MythVideo internal player filetype case sensitive

Anduin Withers awithers at anduin.com
Fri Oct 20 19:42:06 UTC 2006

> It broke when Anduin applied his big MythVideo patch, and reimplementing 
> it would be a bit tricky (the path from where I sent in the wantsAltPlayer

> param to the place where it is acted on is much longer now).  I haven't 
> bothered updating the patch because I got no feedback on it, but I suppose

> I could give it another shot if there is interest.

Feedback: I want the functionality but I want +n instead of +1.

I didn't close the ticket and I'm aware the patch no longer applies. I want
something more like player profiles; I didn't have time to implement it for

As for current work, I was going to wait until after 0.21 to do anything
more than bug fixing (as the next major chunk is the MythDVD/MythVideo merge
and 0.21 was occasionally mentioned in the same breath as numbers that were
followed by weeks). In other words, the next thing I plan to do will likely
invalidate portions of new patches (unless they make it in before the

If I leave a ticket open it is safe to assume it is going to make it in
there in some form or another. If that type of default feedback isn't enough
then I'll confirm the rumor that I have an e-mail address and have been
known to read and respond to things sent to it (or you can start a thread
here, there certainly is precedent).

It is very unlikely that I'll look at a patch, decide that I want it but
with a lot more work, then ask you to do it.

Anduin Withers

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