[mythtv] Possible bug with MythArchive menus

Paul Harrison mythtv at dsl.pipex.com
Fri Oct 20 17:47:28 UTC 2006

Russell Mora wrote:
> Hi Simon,
> Yes, I noticed this as well.  I did a lot of work to ensure that the 
> input png files and the generated mpegs were scaled correctly but when 
> it still didn't work on my player I just assumed that my player was 
> not handling it correctly.  Assuming that it is not the same player 
> (my external player is just a cheap Cyberhome 300S) this indicates 
> that the code is still perhaps not right.  Has anyone else had success 
> with 16:9 menus?
> In any case the simple work-around is to just set the menus to be 4:3 
> in the mytharchive settings.  If you want to get the menus working my 
> guess is that the dpi setting for the overlay png files needs to be 
> different for 16:9 menus (though I thought I had already set this 
> correctly...)
> Cheers,
> Russell.
It seems to depend on the player. My main player is a Panasonic which 
works fine. I recently dug out an old JVC for testing and found it works 
fine for 4:3 menus but doesn't work properly for 16:9 menus. As you say 
the highlight image doesn't line up with the background so there's 
definitely something wrong somewhere.  It may be something to do with 
the dpi of the image but it looks like the PIL imaging library ignores 
the dpi setting passed to the save function.

Now that I can reproduce it there is a good chance that  I can fix it 
but I'm actually taking a break from Myth for a while to work on other 
things so it won't be for a while. I guess I really need to find some 
specs on what exactly the format of the highlight image should be.

Paul H.

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