[mythtv] Guide to write a plugin?

Henrik Gammelmark mythtv at geemark.com
Fri Oct 13 13:14:39 UTC 2006

Josh Lefler wrote:
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> Josh Lefler wrote:
>>> Henrik,
>>> I recently wrote my first plugin for myth (Ticket #2482) and had much 
>>> the same dilemma as you when I got started. Here are a few bits of 
>>> information that made the process easier for me:
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>> Thank you very much for your reply. A few more questions:
>> How do I go about compiling the thing? I should end up with what? A .so 
>> file? And where do I place this? With what filename?
> Yes, you should end up with a .so file. Look at the (pluginname).pro 
> file for one of the plugins or my patch. You'll see that each plugin 
> actually has several .pro files. One in the parent directory, and one in 
> each subdirectory. The one in the parent directory simply points to the 
> ones in the subdirectories so you can keep different binaries for you 
> plugin (if it has more than one binary) organized but still make them 
> all with one command. Your best bet is just to copy these pro files from 
> another plugin then tweak them to your needs by changing the lines 
> specific to your plugin. Look through the files and you'll get a better 
> idea of what I mean.
> Then, you run qmake to generate a Makefile based upon the .pro files and 
> then make as normal. If you setup your plugin like an existing official 
> plugin (like I did mine), then you'll have an easier time with 
> installation etc. as the mythplugins directory itself helps find the 
> proper install location etc. Look through configure for mythplugins to 
> see what I mean.

Thanks, it was pretty straight-forward, given your explanation. I now 
have a .so file, and added a menu item for it, able to display a blank 

>> Regarding the UI xml file, does it need to have a specific name, or do I 
>> reference it from within my code?
> You pass in a portion of the filename. Specifically, anything before the 
> "ui.xml". I do this on line 46 of main.cpp in my plugin.

I am trying to make a single gui in a XML file, and got it to load 
without errors. However, the screen is entirely blank.

I have a few <font>'s, and a single <container> with an <image> and a 
<textarea> in it, but neither are displayed.

How do I use these containers etc, and how do they relate? One container 
per page? Are they hidden by default?

What do I need to do in the code to make it work? Do I need to do 
anything? ;)

Any pointers to how this gui thing is organized would be helpful.

>> Do you know anything about the i18n folder, containing translations? Is 
>> that for internal use only, or does mythtv choose the translation etc 
>> somehow?
> The i18n folder is for translations - but I haven't implemented it yet 
> so can't help ya much there.
>> Sorry if I'm asking dumb questions, I haven't yet figured out how things 
>> play together.

I'm skipping that one for now, then

> I asked a lot of dumb questions when I was getting started, and Anduin, 
> Isaac (chutt), xris, etc. were very helpful.. just happy to be able to 
> return the favor in an indirect sort of way.
>> / Henrik
>>> Henrik Gammelmark wrote:
>>>> I have looked around on mythtv.org, but I cannot seem to find any 
>>>> documentation / howtos / turorials / faqs on how to build a simple 
>>>> plugin for MythTV.
>>>> Does anyone know of any such guide or at least some sort of 
>>>> documentation to use? For starters I wish to create simple Hello World 
>>>> plugin that appears in the main menu, and responds to a keystroke (or 
>>>> lirc key) by doing something useless.
>>>> In #mythtv @ Freenode, I was told that there is no such guide or sample 
>>>> plugin, and the best way to go about it, is study an existing plugin. So 
>>>> I started taking apart mythweather, but I quickly got stuck.
>>>> Any pointers would be helpful - what is the bare minimum of code 
>>>> required to accomplish the above task, and also, what is the build 
>>>> procedure? I never used qmake before, and I'm not sure I understand what 
>>>> it does.
>>>> Thank you very much in advance
>>>> / Henrik
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