[mythtv] Mythmusic - mythweb and playing playlists

Jochen Kühner jochen.kuehner at gmx.de
Thu Oct 12 14:12:57 UTC 2006

i'm looking at it this evening, ok???

it worked on my system, but it could be that we missed some changes.

and https part wasn't tested (mainly not by me because i only use http)

Otto Kolsi schrieb:
> Current mythmusic functionality in mythweb is very nice, thanks Colin, 
> jochen, xris and others!
> What is the situation with loading m3u playlists and streaming music 
> through mythweb? Should this be working?
> I briefly tested the functionality and noticed that m3u playlists 
> contain http-links to mythweb/mythmusic but without http-protocol and 
> host part.. so these kind of URLs cannot work, right?
> I then manually edited URLs in m3u playlist and added the missing parts. 
> After asking http basic auth credentials, WinAmp showed HTTP 200 result, 
> but didn't play the songs.
> Then, I manually browsed to one of the streaming URLs. Firefox started 
> to download something, and actually downloaded hundreds of megabytes of 
> stuff. Much more than one single MP3 :)
> Previous tests were made in internal network, with plain HTTP. If I come 
> from the Internet with HTTPS, all the other mythmusic functionalities 
> seem to work but the Playlist -> Play action doesn't do anything. 
> Firefox changes the URL to red and that might mean that part of the 
> page/javascript or something tried to load something using only HTTP 
> (when it should have used HTTPS).
> Am I trying something that is not even supposed to work yet..?

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