[mythtv] Making Squished 4:3 -> 16:9 again for mytharchive DVDs?

Martin Møller martin at martinm-76.dk
Tue Oct 3 19:36:09 UTC 2006

The thing is:

I have recordings recorded at 720x576 that are 4:3 regular and others that are 720x576 but contain a squished image that I can *make* 16:9 on viewing via the 'W' key but to the best of my knowledge that video is flagged as 4:3 all through the various chains. Last I checked, mytharchive will usually look at the resolution for whether a recording is 4:3 or 16:9. If so, it will determine this to be 4:3 and people will be very tall and skinny. I was wondering if there was an override of some sort for cases like this. I'll look into making a test where I hardcode the aspect to 16:9 and see if it looks right after that.
This should at present only happen on 2 of the channels I watch, but will probably become more common over time.

I hope this is clearer to follow. I'll admit that it may not have come across properly the first time.


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Martin Møller wrote:
> Hi all, especially Paul.
> I have not successfully made a very nice looking DVD with mytharchive and am very happy with the current state of things.
> I have one question though: Some shows, mainly everything sent on ARD seems to be 16:9 content. I have no 16:9 profiles at this time and my TV is 4:3 anyway, so... - Anyway, the question is:
> When I record something on ARD. Everything is squished into the 720x576 resolution, which is fine and 16:9 aspect ratio is easy to set when playing back. Is there some way to instruct mytharchive that this is actually a 16:9 show and have it look right, without having to make the TV/DVD player change the aspect?
> I've done a search of the mythtv-users list but didn't seem to find anything like this, although a lot of other aspect questions were touched upon.
> I know I can probably change the mythburn script to force 16:9, but I am not sure that that will make it look like in MythTV and I might very well have both 4:3 and 16:9 recordings on the same DVD.
> /Martin.
Not really sure what your problem is?

You don't say what version you are using but using latest svn from trunk 
with a mix of 4:3 and 16:9 recordings works fine for me. The 16:9  
recordings are shown with black bars top and bottom of the screen. I'm 
using xine in fullscreen mode on a 4:3 monitor for testing.

Are these programs properly detected as 16:9 by MythArchive?

Paul H.

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