[mythtv] LCD progress bar scaling with imon device

Nick Rosier nick.rosier at gmail.com
Sun Oct 1 15:49:36 UTC 2006

On 9/30/06, Otto Kolsi <otto at kolsi.fi> wrote:
> Nick Rosier wrote:
> > On 8/27/06, Otto Kolsi <otto at kolsi.fi> wrote:
> >> I have a frontend with SilverStone LC11M case, including the LCD
> >> display. Previously I had patched/modified lcdproc 0.4.5 that I recently
> >> upgraded to "standard" version 0.5.0 which now includes the driver and
> >> support for the imon device.
> >>
> >> After the upgrade, the scaling of progress bar in the second line of the
> >> LCD has gone wrong. Previously myth showed progress bar with characters
> >> '----' and that filled the whole display (when near 100%).
> >>
> >> Now the progress bar is shown with characters '#####-' where the last
> >> characters seems to indicate minor value, before it changes from '-' ->
> >> '#'. This is fine.. but in addition, the scale has gone wrong and now
> >> the new progress bar only fills half of the available characters in the LCD.
> >>
> >> Any ideas where this can be fixed? Is the myth or lcdproc
> >> configuration/code issue?
> >
> > Running into the same problem. MythTV (latest SVN) + lcdproc 0.5.1
> > (coming from 0.4.5 imon version).
> > Any luck in finding the cause?
> Glad to hear that I'm not the only one.. :) Haven't found the cause or a
> solution yet. Actually, I haven't really looked into this, yet.
> Although this is more or less cosmetic issue, I'd still like to fix it.
> As soon as I've sorted out all the more urgent issues I'll try to fix
> this and I'll post info here if/when I found something.

If you or anyone else is taking a look at it, how much work would it
be to add the option to display the time in stead of a progress bar
(kinda like mythmusic does). So e.g. 0:12:34/0:30:00?


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