[mythtv] Ticket #2238 Muting v4l-compat cards (saa7134)

Matthew Wire devel at mrwire.co.uk
Sun Oct 1 13:55:34 UTC 2006

> All in good time.  While your patch/ticket may only take a few minutes 
> of the very-much limited developer time, so do many of the other 200+ 
> (217 at the time of this writing) open tickets.
> Mike

Why say something when nothing needs to be said?  Believe it or not we
are not all stupid and we do appreciate that developers have other
demands on their time.
I do not feel it is inappropriate to send a single email two weeks after
a major release reminding people of a trivial (I think) bug fix.  If the
developers are busy at the moment then they are welcome to ignore this
patch until they do have time.

Anyway, a bit of further information:
1. Currently analog SAA7134 cards will never be unmuted without this
Current workaround:
This can be worked around by using executing v4lctl when mythtv is
started to unmute the card - however, the card must not be in use by
mythtv at the time and other programs must not open the card in the mean
time since it will be muted again.
This patch changes the mute logic so it is correctly unmuted/muted by
mythtv as happens for other cards.

2. What needs testing:
Test with non-SAA7134 cards - eg. bt8x8 (I will have access to one in a
couple of weeks time but not at the moment).

Matthew Wire

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