[mythtv] More scheduling scheduler

Ian Latter ian.latter at midnightcode.org
Mon Nov 27 03:06:37 UTC 2006

Actually ... I've just been informed by my sporty-mates that it 
was the Cricket, and not 60minutes, than ran over time ... which 
oddly makes more sense.  But the same problems have occurred
in the past with other fashionable events ..  I.e. Ten blew-out and 
shifted Law and Order a couple of times a few months back with 
BigBrother-AU or Idol-AU .. etc ad nausea ..

By the sounds of it we need to supplement the data locally with 
something that arrives Just In Time .. with something "highly
current" ..

RE: DVB cards and disk space .. the recent decline in mobo PCI 
slots and the lack of PCIX DVB cards makes it difficult
(impossible?)  to achieve channel saturation in a single PC case ..
otherwise I'd so be there ..

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> On 11/26/2006 09:18 PM, Ian Latter wrote:
> > Last night was another good example though .. Nine ran 45minutes over
> > with 60minutes ... that then shifted two episodes of CSI out by almost a 
> > whole episode ... I record 10minutes before a show and 15minutes after,
> > but not even Einstein could account for time distortions like that (Australia
> > would have to be falling into a black hole in order for 60 minutes to run 
> > for 105).
> >
> > I'm assuming something similar happened a couple of weeks ago resulting
> > in half of Scorpion King ... never got to the bottom of that one.
> /me wonders how "soft padding" would fix this.
> /me thinks the only solution for Australian (= no valid schedule) TV is 
> 1 capture card per channel, a lot of hard drive space, and manual jump/seek
> Mike
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