[mythtv] file checks in HandleQueryRecordings

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Fri Nov 24 18:23:21 UTC 2006

* On Fri Nov 24, 2006 at 12:33:39PM -0500, Tony Lill wrote:
> Something that I've done (besides commenting out the file checks) is
> to let the frontend send an additional WHERE clause to the backend for
> the QUERY_RECORDING message. It seems stupid to suck down info for a
> thousand programs when you're going to ignore most of them. Between
> the two changes, the time to display the results has dropped from a
> minute to instantaneous, so, like, an easy 100x speedup. I can send
> you the patch if you like, it's pretty simple and backwards compatible
> (protocol wise). Don't know which change contributed more to the
> speedup, though.

I assume you're talking for things like the current recording group.
With the recent cache additions, you may pay the penalty of retrieving
all programs at the beginning, but switching between groups is fast
because we don't reretrieve the list.  If we were to only retrieve the
current recording group to begin with, then any switches would be slower
unless that data was already in the cache.  So, it's a tradeoff.  It
might be nice if the code was smart enough to only retrieve enough to
fill out what you were currently looking at onscreen, although that
trades off future speed for a quick start.  If you want to send it on,
I'll at least take a look at it. :)


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