[mythtv] Curiosity - make expire instead of delete?

Jon Bishop jon.the.wise at gmail.com
Fri Nov 24 07:22:02 UTC 2006

Instead of recording shows with an expiration, I would like to be  
able to set all shows not to expire by default. When I'm in the watch  
recordings menu, I'd like to be able to instead of deleting a show,  
mark it for expiration. Then, nothing would get deleted from my myth  
box until there was no space left to record new shows. This is  
because I have a lot on my box, and sometimes I just want to go and  
watch old shows, so I'd like them to be there and viewable, but I  
don't want them to be there preventing me from recording a new show.  
Also would be nice if there was some way to prioritize recordings so  
that the lowest priority recording will expire first.

I have no problem digging into the code and trying to make it happen,  
but I really don't know where to even begin, as in, I know a little  
visual basic (heh, hardly a language), a lot of perl, some php,  
actionscript and javascript. So, I guess I'd have to start with C...   
Then someone would have to tell me where to start coding...


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