[mythtv] Mytharchive / dvdauthor problems

John Pilkington J.Pilk at tesco.net
Tue Nov 21 21:47:54 UTC 2006

Hi:  Yesterday I reported (to the user list) a failure when trying to 
create a native-mode .iso image from a single ~4Gb .nuv format recording.

Today I have made two attempts to create standard DVD images from 
similar large (but >4Gb) single .nuv format files.  Both failed in 
dvdauthor after having created a playable and DVD-sized file of the 
video stream and a separate audio stream.  In both cases mplex exited 
with 'too many frame drops' and dvdauthor then failed (Result: 1) with 
'Cannot jump to chapter 2 of title 1, only 1 exist'.  I'm not clear 
whether it doesn't exist because of the frame-drop failure or because 
I'm only processing one recording.  The first attempt yielded one 800Mb 
VOB file.  The second attempt failed before that stage.

I declare again that I'm using the atrpms builds for fc5, but this seems 
to me the best place to inquire about these problems.  Am I trying to do 
something that is not supposed to work, or can I tweak something?  I've 
saved the compressed files generated in the last two attempts, because a 
lot of processing has been done on them.  Am I likely to be able to 
replex them when dvdauthor has failed to do so?

Thanks for any help.

John Pilkington

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