[mythtv] SVN 11607 breaks playback on Australian ABC channel.... links to sample file included....

Viktor Avramov drvik at bigpond.net.au
Sun Nov 19 23:56:44 UTC 2006

Hi there, 

I posted a similar message in the users forum but there wer no replies... I  
wanted some feedback from others before filing a bug....

I have been able to pin this down to the changes made in SVN 11607 onwards.... 
since that revision, playback on the ABC shows lots of MPEG 
blockiness/artefacts in areas of movement... no other channels seem to be 
affected.... reverting back to 11606 fixes the problem....

I can demonstrate this on 2 seperate machines, both amd64 running gentoo.... I 
have tried different default/libmpeg2/xvmc playback methods with the same 
results... deinterlacing whether on or off makes no difference.... I have 
captured a segment  and provide it here for other's assessment.... total size 
is only 11.8Mb.... feedback appreciated....




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