[mythtv] uPnP support in 0.20

Greg Estabrooks greg at phaze.org
Sat Nov 18 23:55:56 UTC 2006

> How are you finding the DSM 320 unit and can you get TV Recordings to work.

 Yup it worked fine for me. I only had the DSM320 on loan and it's gone as of yesterday, but it worked fine while I had it/.
> I've been using a DSM 320-RD unit for testing and music works fine, but
> I can't get Recordings to work.

 This might have been due to a bug I fixedlast night in SVN-head which after you started one (music recordings or video) wouldn't let you access any ofthe others until the backend gets restarted.   I'll likely be pushing that and another bug fixe into -fixes later tonight.

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