[mythtv] New duplicate check method 'smart'

Martin Long martin at longhome.co.uk
Sat Nov 4 00:33:58 UTC 2006

Yeah, to be honest, I kind of though 'smart' was a bit pretentious and
ambiguous, although I have some trouble with 'or', because it's not strictly
speaking OR logic. Anyway, feel free to alter the strings to fit in with
what ever name you want to come up with. I kind of like something like
'Subtitle then Description' or 'Subtitle else Description'. 

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"smart" is a little ambiguous, and leaves room for change for someone
else's definition of "smart".

Why not just call it "Subtitle *or* description", to complement the
current "Subtitle *and* description"?

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From: Martin Long [mailto:martin at longhome.co.uk] 
Sent: 03 November 2006 22:45
To: 'mythtv-dev at mythtv.org'
Subject: New duplicate check method 'smart'

I've created a new 'smart' duplicate check method. I normally use either
subtitle, or description. Sometimes a series flips between using a subtitle,
and not (particularly with the UK eit guide data!). 'Subtitle and
description' is pretty useless for me, because a) if the subtitles are none
existent then programs don't match b) if subtitles are present they can be
fouled by small differences in the description - the whole reason for using
subtitle in the first place.

So, I created 'Subtitle then description (smart)'. This first checks the
subtitles match, however, if no subtitle exists, then and only then will it
check the description.

I've done a little testing, and it seems to work ok, and helps to iron out
some of the inconsistencies caused by the uk eit data. Anyway... see how it
goes. I've attached patches for trunk, but they apply to 20-fixes ok.

Mythweb patch also included, but you'll need to update your .lang file with
a string for 'Subtitle then Description (smart)'. I updated the english one,
but spooked the diff, so i left that out.



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