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Colin Guthrie mythtv at colin.guthr.ie
Wed May 31 18:58:43 UTC 2006

Steven Adeff wrote:

> On 5/31/06, Simon Kenyon <simon at koala.ie> wrote:
>>drat and double drat

Yeah I know. Sorry :)

I will try and do something about it in the not too distant future.

>>i'm not doing the work - so i don't get to vote
>>is the recursive playlist stuff used/useful?
>>does it affect reliability/performance?

Well it sure as hell makes the code a lot more complex. I have no way to 
gauge if it's useful tho'... Personally, I doublt I'd ever use such a 
feature, or if I did, it would be a playlist that exclusively contains 
either songs or other playlists.

>>my son creates playlists on his ipod galore

Interestingly Frank Lynch contacted me off-list to discuss a project 
he's working on to import iTunes playlists to MM. We have worked out an 
idea as to how this could be done quite nicely but he's just going to 
work on writing the necessary C++ codes/parser just now and we can work 
out how best to represent the imported playlists in MM after that. He 
eventually plans to support M3U playlists too - currently we forsee them 
being imported at the same time as scanning for new music.

>>an alternative would be to make playlists be a simple collection of
>>songs and introduce the complexity at a higher level of aggregation
>>- collections of songs
>>- collections of collections
>>partition the complexity so to speak

Yes. I already agreed with this in a comment I just made above... 
that'll learn me to read the whole email before starting my reply eh!

> Having never done it, what exactly is concept behind a playlist of playlists?
> I've never found a use for this construct, mostly because I either
> play full albums or do "party mode" style shuffled playback with
> filters based on tag information.

+1 for me but perhaps someone could ask on the users list (I'm not 
subscribed). I'd bet that it would upset someone if this functionality 
was lost.

That said with the UI improvements of the SoC, perhaps this will have to 
be rethought anyways?

> Also, doesn't the M3U format allow for nested playlists? Could Myth
> just use the M3U (or similar format) for playlists that are then given
> entries in the music table like a normal music file?

Perhaps, but I think having the data in the database is probably for the 
best overall to be honest (we've got a database so why keep data 
structures in files kinda feeling). No reason to to provide an export to 
M3U tho' (actually, the work Jochen and myself have done on the MythWeb 
side of things now generates M3U's from your playlists ready for 
streaming via the Web already). Until I package up a patch in the next 
few days, you can checkout my mythplugins copy from my personal SVN 
server... it's listed in other messages from me on this list if you are 



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