[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #1871: FE crash w/ XvMC on 720x480p mpg

Gary Dezern gary at garyndenise.org
Tue May 30 18:20:14 UTC 2006

> #1871: FE crash w/ XvMC on 720x480p mpg
>  Can you try to reproduce this with SVN head?

I'd be happy (even eager) to if:

You'd tell me a
"somewhat stable" revision that would be good to try.  It
can take MANY hours of watching for this to happen - even more when
compiled 'debug'.. I don't want to pollute the test with unrelated
instabilities.  As well, this is my only mythTV box, and I have to
consider WAF and my 2-year...  I don't even want to image the temper
tantrum if myth crashed every hour or so while she was watching
"her" shows.

As well, if you want, I might be able to
give you direct access to the core and mythfrontend (and .so) files. 
Would that help any?

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