[mythtv] mythfrontend crashes when leaving EPG after a channel change inside EPG (using 'X' key) - with backtrace

Risto Treksler risto at elkhornbanff.ca
Tue May 30 07:47:12 UTC 2006


I am noticing a crash of mythfrontend with 0.19 all the way up to the latest 
0.19-fixes branch

here's how to reproduce it
-watch live tv
-go to epg (hit menu - choose epg)
-go up or down a few channels
-hit 'X' to change the channel WITHOUT LEAVING the epg
 (i have remapped it to 'A' but it shouldn't matter)
- now if you try to leave the epg mythfrontend crashes :(

let me know if you need more info
i have attached a backtrace - i am not sure i did it right, it's been a while

i did run it with -v all as well but the file was way too big to post 
- i can send it separately if need be

Risto Treksler
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