[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #1892: DVD Detection Problem

Matthew Wire devel at mrwire.co.uk
Mon May 29 23:01:31 UTC 2006

On Mon, 2006-05-29 at 12:30 -0400, Michael T. Dean wrote:
> On 05/29/2006 11:12 AM, MythTV wrote:
> > #1892: DVD Detection Problem
> >
> >  See #389, #1499 and #1761.
> >
> >  Next time search before opening a ticket.
> >   
> Since this issue comes up a lot, and since we will have more people 
> "fixing" this issue (after all, finding the dups in Trac is easy once 
> you've been told they're there, but can be difficult for someone just 
> starting to work on Myth), what do others think of the idea of showing a 
> pop-up dialog that warns users of "possible improper system 
> configuration" when an iso9660 filesystem contains an "audio_ts" and/or 
> "video_ts" directory?
> That way, the user would at least see a reason why the DVD is not being 
> treated as a video DVD and (I hope) would then post questions to the 
> list instead of thinking Myth has a bug and posting (yet another ;) 
> patch/bug in Trac.
> Mike
Right, I've been scratching my head all evening and it seems there is
just no way of getting this to work for me on Ubuntu dapper.  I don't
have any other distro's installed to test at the moment unfortunately. 
I've tried creating /etc/filesystems to override /proc/filesystems
(which put's udf before iso9660 anyway) and everything else I could
think of.  My 32bit machine does the same as well. I'll raise this with
the ubuntu dev's and see what they have to say.
I appreciate what you say about not wanting to be part of an incorrectly
configured system, however having read up on udf and iso9660 on the web
I can't see that it really makes much difference in this case, apart
from the capitalisation.

I mean, if there is an obvious "X will not work properly if Y is not
udf" then fine, but I don't think there is?

My suggestion would be to apply the patch to detect both, but output a
message to the log (cerr or cout) indicating that it is not correct:
(eg) "WARNING: DVD appears to be mounted iso9660, it should be udf.
Check your system configuration."

That way I'm happy because I don't have to keep patching my version of
MythTV, and the developers are happy because Myth is actually
identifying a potential configuration problem and not just ignoring it.
If it was more than a 2-line fix I could see why you'd be more reluctant
to do this.


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