[mythtv] teletext ivtv

Wilhelm Eger c9egwi at uni-jena.de
Mon May 29 12:29:03 UTC 2006

Paul Harrison wrote:
 > Its already in latest svn, has been for a while now. To activate press
> menu then select 'Toggle Teletext Menu' in live TV or even in a 
> recording. Its still a work in progress but I don't think anybody is 
> actually working on it at the moment. The bad flicker can be very 
> annoying and some things don't seem to render properly with lots of 
> horizontal lines but it's getting there.

Okay. So if anybody is interested in this: I have a Hauppauge PVR 350
and can't get teletext to work. I switched all related options  of
ivtvctl (i.e. -x, -b, -w) and had no success. Maybe this relies on the
german teletext codec or whatever.

Does anybody use teletext with mythtv and ivtv in Germany?



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