[mythtv] 'Test Harness' for MythTV recording devices

Isaac Richards ijr at case.edu
Fri May 26 21:23:41 UTC 2006

On Friday 26 May 2006 4:53 pm, Andrew Kimpton wrote:
> I've been able to 'port' (a pretty loose use of the word) the V4L code
> for the Plextor TV402 Device to Mac OS X. Note this is NOT a port of the
> V4L code rather it's just a framework which is somewhat similar and uses
> the opensource GO7007 device driver code.
> I'd like to try and get this working with Myth. Is there any test
> harness or 'bring up' notes someone could refer me to that would let me
> integrate this code with Myth and test this device without needing to
> run both backend and frontend and also having to define a recording
> schedule ?
> Or do I just have to 'dive in' with both feet and start making things work
> ?

I generally use livetv as the test harness - not the best, but shouldn't be 
hard to bring up - all you need is the recorder class + some small parts of 
the channel class for a recorder to work.

While that means running the backend, you don't have to run the full frontend, 
either, you can just use the 'mythtv' test program, which starts in live-tv 
if you don't give it an file to play on the command line.


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