[mythtv] diseqc

Yeasah Pell yeasah at schwide.com
Fri May 26 17:53:09 UTC 2006

>Some people have complained that their DVB-S
>provider only transmits an SDT every 30 seconds. They would like
>to be able to tune on the PAT alone. 
Such as me. :-)

>The way I figure it SDT tuning
>should be safe no matter where the dish is pointing, but we could
>all PAT only tuning once we're reasonably sure the dish is pointing
>in the right direction and tuned to the right transport params.
>So in the normal SDT case the dish direction would only be used
>for updating the UI, but with the PAT only tuning hack it would be
>used to delay channel lock (but in this case the user would chose
>this behaviour because presumably it is normally faster).
That makes good sense. Knowing this, I'm comfortable leaving out that 
last-known-position thing in the DB. Thanks for the explanation.

On another note, it occurred to me that people would probably want to be 
able to name their diseqc devices so that when they are creating 
configurations on more complex setups (especially with multiple 
switches, but also for LNBs), it's clear what device is what. I'll add a 
field in the tree table for that (and of course make it optional, 
falling back to a generic name)

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