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Thu May 18 18:34:19 UTC 2006

from the title and moves it to the description.
I can understand that getting rid of episode number from the title is a good
thing, but what is the reason for moving it from the subtitle to the

Lets say you want to record a program that have 2 repeats in the future.
If episode/part number info is in the subtitle you can set the recording to
match duplicates on subtitle and it will properly detect the 2 future
showins as repeats.

If i set dup matching to "subtitle and description" it may record the 2
future showings if the description changes.
Descriptions from comhem guide data sometime contains references to future
and past showings.
And this is obviously going to change from the first repeat to the second.

Or does the scheduler somehow know about the partnumbers in the database?

The default subtitle/episode of all guide data is the category, is this
usefull or should i remove it?
This is almost always a dublicate from both the description and the category

And if the episode/subtitle field is empty maybe add the part numbers to the
subtitle field if part number is known?

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