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Eric Weiss eric_weiss at mac.com
Thu May 25 03:01:25 UTC 2006

Hi all,
I just sent the following to mythtv-users.  I imagine most of the  
folks on this list are there too, so I won't bother restating that,  
but here is a dev specific question.

For an ME project at school, I'm working with a team trying to  
prototype a control device using mythtv as it's interface

We are a couple of weeks away from our final prototype deadline, and  
have a couple of (we think) small, targeted things that we would  
really like to be able to do with Myth, but since we lack the software  
engineering expertise, we won't be able to do them ourselves.

So, I'm wondering if anyone might be interested in taking on a small  
project or two (we have a budget and would pay of course).

I'm specifically thinking of this one now:

Myth has this neat ability to change key mappings when you change  
modes (watching live tv, in the menus, etc).  We would like to be able  
to do something else when the mode changes.  Basically, we want to be  
able to signal our input device at the same time and tell it to change  
its own "mode".  I am told by the guy working on the hardware support  
for this that, to the hardware, it is functionally equivalent to what  
the 'setkeys' utility does.  Basically, we'd be telling it "enter  
CapsLock/ScrollLock/NumLock mode", and it would do the right thing.

Does that make sense?  Would anyone be interested?  If so, please let  
me know.

I was somewhat hesitant to send this email because I'm not sure if  
it's inappropriate to send an email to myth-dev asking if someone  
would do some work not directly related to ongoing myth work.  If  
that's a faux pas, sorry and feel free to scold me.

Thanks again!

On May 24, 2006, at 7:31 PM, Eric Weiss wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm not sure if this list of mythtv-dev would be more appropriate to  
> ask question about running mythtv out of ToT, but I'll try here and  
> apologize in advance if I'm wrong.
> My name's Eric.  I'm working with a group of folks at Stanford on an  
> ME project where we are building an input device for controlling a  
> media center.  Because it offers a ton of nice benefits, we would  
> like to use MythTV as our media center UI medium.  Thanks for making  
> such a cool (and open!) project.
> We are quickly approaching (like, very quickly) the deadline for our  
> final prototype, and trying to work through a couple of remaining  
> issues we're having wrt MythTV.  Any feedback or help you could  
> offer would be fantastic.
> We've been using Myth .19 for quite some time, but desperately  
> needed the ability to control interface via a cursor, which was just  
> recently made possible in the current sources.  This is why we're  
> working off TOT primarily.
> Here are a couple of issues that are among our last remaining show  
> stoppers.  If would be enormously helpful if someone could comment  
> on workarounds, fixes in the works, possible configuration issues on  
> our part, etc.  I don't have the revision number offhand, but we  
> were seeing these with the myth* sources as of TOT 2 days ago.  I've  
> been listening to the lists the last few days and searching the  
> archives/bug database and haven't found any clues on my own.  At the  
> same time I'm not familiar with myth development, so pardon my  
> ignorance.
> We're running FC5, with a Hauppage PVR-350 capture card, and an ATI  
> Express 200 on an HP Pavilion a310n (2.2GHz athlon), lots of ram  
> (1GB, big disk)
> 1) There is this crossfade effect that happens transitioning between  
> top-level menu sets (ie the main menu, and all of the submenus you  
> can get to from there.  The effect is quite pretty, but happens  
> incredibly slowly.  Like, it takes about 15 seconds to completely  
> fade the menu menu into the Media Library section.  Same is true for  
> all of the others.  This happens with all of the themes we've  
> tried.  This makes browsing the UI anything but smooth, which is a  
> shame.  Is this a known issue?  The rest of the interface is quite  
> smooth and we didn't see this in .19, so I doubt this is a "hardware  
> too slow" issue.
> 2) There are a number of areas where cursor nav/clicking is not yet  
> supported.  Specifically, it would be really great for such support  
> to exist in the TV Guide, since it is a nice big grid, and selecting  
> an arbitrary location is a big part of what out input device  
> attempts to make easy.  Is support for selecting a listing from the  
> guide going to exist any time soon?
> I'll stick with those two for the moment, actually.  I have a couple  
> more, but I don't have the details with me that I thought I did, so  
> I don't want to bring them up until I can describe them more fully.
> Thanks in advance for any help.  Again, Myth is quite an impressive  
> project.  Keep it up!
> Thanks,
> Eric_______________________________________________
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