[mythtv] diseqc

Allan Stirling Dibblahmythml0015 at pendor.org
Wed May 24 20:47:56 UTC 2006

Yeasah Pell wrote:
>> Knew I forgot something.
>> I'm sure you've seen it already, but:
>> http://www.eutelsat.com/satellites/pdf/Diseqc/Reference%20docs/bus_spec.pdf
>> Cheers,
>> Allan.
> Yep, I became very familiar with those docs when I was first setting up 
> my rotor (I couldn't find a decent usals test app out there at the time, 
> so I made my own with the help of those specs)
> There's other appnotes that are helpful too, like the motor appnote at 
> the parent URL:
> http://www.eutelsat.org/satellites/4_5_5.html
> Have you been or are you planning on doing work on diseqc, Allan? I 
> would hate to be duplicating effort...

I fixed some minor breakage some time ago in that area. And 
my 'solution' wasn't pretty.

I'm not doing any work there currently. I have only simple 
switches in my setup, with tone / voltage switched universal 
LNBs. However, I am of course willing to test anything you have.



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