[mythtv] FW: myth2ipod script problems....

Jon Larson jtlarson at u.washington.edu
Tue May 23 14:06:42 UTC 2006

Hi folks,
I'm forwarding my own question to this list because I think that it might be
more appropriate here instead of the mythtv-users list, given what I know
about the problem. The original question with full description is at the
bottom, so please read that first for the details. Thanks.


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I think I know part of the answer to my question-- I think that when it is
run as a "User Job" in Myth, myth2ipod is executing nuvexport as if the
--transcode switch  were enabled, but  that doesn't seem to be the case when
it is run from the command line. That  would account for the error below
because xvid does not appear as an option when using the --transcode switch.
So assuming the above is true, my questions would be: 
1. Why is nuvexport changing it's behavior (using transcode instead of
ffmpeg ) just because it's being started by Mythtv? Is that normal behavior?
2. What can I do to change the behavior or add the appropriate functionality
to mythtranscode?
3. Is there some other explanation that I should consider? 


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Subject: [mythtv-users] myth2ipod script problems....

I'm running Knoppmyth R5B7, and I have set up the myth2ipod script and
accompanying settings, but I can't get it to finish when running as a "User
Job" at the end of a recording. When I examine the mythbackend log, I see
the process start and get to the point where the transcoding begins, then it
shows this:
ffmpeg had critical errors:
Unknown video codec 'xvid'
Nuvexport encoding seems to have failed

Before you conclude that ffmpeg isn't compiled with xvid support, you should
know that I can run the myth2ipod script from the command prompt and it
works fine. When I do this, I use the mythtv user account and run the exact
same command as provided on the site,  except that I fill in the FOLDER and
FILE variables: /usr/local/bin/myth2ipod "/myth/tv"
Since that works perfectly I open mythtv-setup and entered that exact same
command as a seperate user job--just in case it is a problem with the FOLDER
and FILE variables. That job failed just like the first user job.
The final bit of testing I did was to pull the full formatted command that
myth2ipod uses to execute nuvexport out of the failed job in the mythbackend
log, and run it manually: /usr/local/bin/nuvexport --chanid07
--start 060522115500 --mode=iPod --nice  --nodenoise --nodeinterlace
--nomultipass --filename07_20060522115500.temp --path=/myth/ipodfeed/
<---This also works. 
So now I'm not sure where else to look... Any ideas? If it would help to see
the complete entry from mythbackend.log or anything else I can post that,
but all the mythbackend log really shows (in addition to the above error) is
the job setup that preceeds the error, and the subsequent failure of MP4Box,
etc., which depend on the successful transcode--i.e. nothing out of the
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