[mythtv] writing patches that build on not yet committed patches.

Lucas Meijer lucas at mach8.nl
Mon May 22 22:59:21 UTC 2006


I'm hoping someone has some advice on how to do this:
I wrote some commflag reorganisation stuff that is pending review.
I'd like to continue working on the commflagger. However, it would make 
to supply my new work as patches ontop of the still pending patch.
Does anybody know the most comfortable way to achieve this? if I just
keep on working, and do "svn diff", the result of that includes both the 
old patch
and my new stuff. Is there an easy way to get a diff for something that 
is not in svn yet
and what I have now?

So far the only thing I've thought of is setting up a svn server myself, 
and commiting my
patch to that server, and then doing a svn diff, but something tells me 
there must be an
easier way :)

Thanks, Lucas

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