[mythtv] Menu titles not drawn in frontend.

Perry Gilfillan perrye at gilfillan.org
Mon May 22 02:20:26 UTC 2006

More details on which themes work properly for me.

Perry Gilfillan wrote:
> I'm running Fedora Core 5 and decided to punish my self for some 
> imagined wrong, and tossed out the atrpms and built Mythtv from SVN. 
> At least two people have reported a problem with menu text displaying 
> with recent SVN, and I've also seen this as reported on the mythtv-users 
> list on April 22nd 
> [http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/199665#199665]
> I see this on i386 and AMD64 systems, and will check my Gentoo i686 
> system as well.  (I have to set up a second database to run the tests 
> against so my production backends don't die all the time as protocol 
> version conflicts occur.)
I have update my Gentoo system ( DELL PowerEdge 6350, quad 550Mhz 
Pentium III (Katmai), most of the time headless backend for flagging and 
eventually transcoding, with no capture devices ) to the latest SVN, and 
the frontend menus in the G.A.N.T theme appear to work properly.  I'll 
not tinker with it too much more unless more details are requested.  
 From this result I get the impression it will be some failed 
interaction with the Qt libs on Fedora C5 that cause the problem, but 
see details below about which themes have problems.
> I took the time to do the regression builds and narrowed the first 
> incidence of the problem to after r9520 {2006-03-28}. 
> The next revision mark that compiled succesfully was {"2006-03-30 
> 12:00"}, and at that point the text displays, but the selected item is 
> not highlighted.  The graphics display properly, so it is possible to 
> navigate the menus if you are familiar with the symbols.
> Twelve hours later, {"2006-03-31 00:00"}, the menu text is no longer drawn.
> The particular theme that is not working is G.A.N.T.  One other person 
> who had seen this problem said that the Blue theme worked, and I can 
> confirm this for my build as well.  I don't have any other themes 
> available at the moment but will try others in the next day or two.
Here is a summary of the behavior of the various themes I now have 
installed on a non-SMP 550Mhz Pentium III (Katmai) system using X on 
PVR-350 TV-out for the head (with the requisite odd behavior when 
FF<>RW).  It has a CRT, but it is on a KVM with the Gentoo box and 
others, so X is not dual-head at this time, but it does work that way.  
The other Fedora systems that are on CRT or LCD have the same problem 
with the G.A.N.T. theme.

I had tried both the Qt and openGL painters previously on the G.A.N.T. 
theme with no effect.

These themes all appear to work properly:  Iulius, MythCenter, 
MythCenter-wide, Titivillus, blue.  There are a couple of -OSD 
variations that I don't have available.

These two had different issues:


   No text.  Icons are drawn properly.  As mentioned above, there was a 
point in time {"2006-03-30 12:00"} when the text was displayed, but not 
highlighted to indicate what item is selected.  The icons did change.


   This one has an opposite behavior from G.A.N.T.  The text is drawn 
properly, but graphics are not consistently drawn.  At first the Home 
icon was missing while the Setup icon is drawn.  On selecting Setup, 
both icons are missing.  When selecting either menu item the text goes 
bold to indicate the current selection.  Same effect when moving between 
submenus:  the currently selected icon is not drawn, and other icons 
disappear when selected.

I should make it clear that the dialogs, such as all six screens under 
Appearance, are drawn properly with text labels for each field being 
drawn.  I don't know that this is truly relevant, since the menu text 
must be handled differently as it's appearance is altered when selected.

> I'll do my best to provide further details as requested and will gladly 
> try any patches.
> Cheers,
> Perry

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