Lucas Meijer lucas at mach8.nl
Sun May 21 20:30:20 UTC 2006

Robert Tsai wrote:
> On Sun, May 21, 2006 at 07:01:01PM +0200, Lucas Meijer wrote:
>>> 	- Which frame should be marked as MARK_COMM_END? The last
>>> 	frame of the commercial break, or the first frame of the
>>> 	content? If the latter, that means it is technically
>>> 	impossible to represent a single-frame commercial-break; is
>>> 	that intended? (I acknowledge that a single-frame break is
>>> 	more likely a falsely-indicated break, so that this scenario
>>> 	is not real-worldly expected to ever happen.)
>> I don't think nobody really defined that yet.
>>> 	- What am I doing wrong? :)
>> Not much help here, other than having looked at your code snipplet,
>> and seeing that that is also what I would expect to work. The
>> ClassicCommDetector returns a map, with framenumbers as key, and
>> either 0, MARK_COMM_START or MARK_COMM_END as values. maybe your
>> problem is indeed not related to your commflagger. Do classicly
>> flagged recordings work fine?
> I think 0 (a.k.a. MARK_CUT_END) is only used for when a cutlist is
> loaded; I don't think it's directly "returned" by the commflagger for
> commercial-detection purposes.
Correct, the MARK_CUT_START and MARK_CUT_END do not really have anything 
to do with the commercial flagger, strictly speaking..   a 
CommDetectorBase implementation just needs to provide a map of 
MARK_COMM_START and MARK_COMM_END's, and what the rest of myth does with 
that is none of its concern.

Glad you got it sorted out,


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