Lucas Meijer lucas at mach8.nl
Sun May 21 17:01:01 UTC 2006

Hey Robert,

> Some direct questions:
> 	- Which frame should be marked as MARK_COMM_END? The last
> 	  frame of the commercial break, or the first frame of the
> 	  content? If the latter, that means it is technically
> 	  impossible to represent a single-frame commercial-break; is
> 	  that intended? (I acknowledge that a single-frame break is
> 	  more likely a falsely-indicated break, so that this scenario
> 	  is not real-worldly expected to ever happen.)
I don't think nobody really defined that yet.
> 	- What am I doing wrong? :)
Not much help here, other than having looked at your code snipplet, and 
seeing that that is also what I would expect to work. The 
ClassicCommDetector returns a map, with framenumbers as key, and either 
0, MARK_COMM_START or MARK_COMM_END as values. maybe your problem is 
indeed not related to your commflagger. Do classicly flagged recordings 
work fine?

Does your database contain 4's and 5's after you ran your flagger?

do you run breathe() from time to time (shouldn't matter, but who knows)

do you inform mythcommflag that you have new commflag info to share with it?
(gotNewCommercialBreakList() signal).

I'm pretty sure you'd do all those things already, but other than that, 
I have no idea what's going on.
the interfacing with mythcommflag regarding your results look fine to me.

Bye, Lucas

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