[mythtv] Cause of seg fault for bad HD signal?

Guy Paddock gap7472 at rit.edu
Sat May 20 10:36:55 UTC 2006

Hey guys,


I'm just starting to walk through the myth sources now and have just
signed-up for the mailing list. As my newbie question, does anyone know why
mythfrontend segfaults when it encounters an HD channel with a low signal
strength? I know that the setup program has a threshold value to protect
against this, but that seems more like it's treating the symptom than the
cause, and it doesn't work on my Air2PC card with the BCM3510 backend. My
card reports much higher signal strength and much lower SNR than seem
realistic for the signal it's actually receiving (sometimes reports 100%
signal and 4.4 dB SNR for a bad 1080i signal, and an 85% signal and 4.5 dB
SNR for a clean 1080i signal).


I would imagine that it's occurring when decoding MPEG data, as the first
few frames it's getting look valid but have bogus frame sizes. Is this the
case? I'm trying to walk through the TV and NuppelVideoPlayer classes to see
how things work, but I have to say that these classes are huge. Are there
any plans to refactor and split them apart into more manageable classes?


Just thought I'd get my feet wet by asking the experts.


--Guy Paddock

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