[mythtv] Problem with mytharchive

Paul Harrison mythtv at dsl.pipex.com
Thu May 18 19:09:31 UTC 2006

Martin Møller wrote:
> Fredag 12 maj 2006 19:05 skrev Paul Harrison:
>> Green, Bob wrote:
> [pal-i issue with mytharchive]
>> MythArchive isn't bothered what flavor of PAL you use only that you want
>> PAL and not NTSC. Somehow you have managed to set the video mode to
>> 'pal-i' which is strange because the settings page only has two options
>> PAL or NTSC! Did you change the setting in the DB manually?
>> In any case going to the settings page and reselecting PAL should fix
>> things.
> I seem to have much of the same problem (latest mytharchive sources, SVN 9882 
> mythtv), only it says unknown videoformat 'pal-bg'. I have PAL-BG set via 
> mythsetup but not in mytharchive... Wonder what that's all about...
> I've tried choosing NTSC and going all the way through then back in again and 
> select PAL but it didn't help me. Tried shutting down the frontend and 
> starting it again, same problem.
> I would rather not alter the recording setting from PAL-BG as I then would 
> often get PAL-DK sound in stead which usually results in static...
> /Martin.
>> Paul H.
Fixed now in svn. The script was reading the wrong setting from the DB. 
Just make sure you set the video format setting to PAL in MythArchive.

Paul H.

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