[mythtv] HD3000: Could not get card info for card #0!

David Cain sblkMythDev at jimmiedave.com
Thu May 18 03:49:46 UTC 2006

Mark Paulus wrote:
Can you compile other stuff? I'd say that somehow you whacked your
compiler, and that's pretty nasty. Perhaps a reinstall of your compiler
is in order also.

OK, first, serious "duh" factor on my part: (kernel sources 2.6.8-16) !(kernel sources 2.6.16-1). Saw the "2", the "6", the "16" and spaced on the
rest. Got the correct headers. Compiler no longer segfaults.

Correct kernel headers for the 2.6.16-1 kernel I'm ACTUALLY USING do have
FE_ATSC set up in the frontend.h file.

Still can't complete a compile, but going back to Mark's first message:

The other small caveat I ran into, using a 2.6.16-1
kernel provided by backports.org on a sarge system, is that some stuff
has changed in input.h. They have changed some types in there from
'unsigned long' to kernel_ulong_t, and somewhere along the line,
BITS_PER_LONG also got moved. Or, at least, my compiles using the
linux-headers-2.6.16-1-k7 get these 2 errors. I had to modify my
linux-headers to get it to compile.

This looks like what's bombing me out now (recognizable terrain at last!)

I see this note on what is apparently this issue of depending upon a
__KERNEL__ macro in mod_deviceable.h when compiling a userspace application:


What's the quick remedy for this? include mod_deviceable.h? Patch input.h
('till I've done the compile) to define it myself?

Thanks to all for your help on this. Will summarize for the list (and for
users list to deflect future versions of this from dev) once I get wrapped



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