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Tj NG wrote:
> mythtv at cvs.mythtv.org wrote:
>> The OSD fading (#1461) is fixed as far as I can tell. Tj NG is still reporting problems, but I can't reproduce his problem with the same setup so I'm closing the ticket.
> I'm still seeing it... Not sure why, or how, but it must be my system I 
> guess... Anybody other than me still seeing OSD not fade away cleanly?
I haven't experienced it since moving to the mythtv-vid branch, with 
nVidia 8756, 6200GT card, and XvMC enabled, with the default Blue theme 
and I think the Isthmus OSD.Hmm. is 6200GT a NV43 chip? What's the diff between 6600GT and 6200GT anyway?

Can you attach your xorg.conf file for me to have a look? I wanna see what is making me see watermarks. Must be something so simple (or hard) I couldn't figure it out.

It's definitely better than before, now I see only only edges and borders where previously there's text. 

IIRC mythtv-vid has been merged back to trunk. You can check that out and see if your still having problems.

> Also, when I use XvMC decoding, I realised that sometimes the top 5-10% 
> don't match the rest of the frame. Anybody seeing this as well?
Yes, actually, I do see this problem sometimes. I thought it was my 
setup as I just added a Grandtec video convertor, but if someone else is 
seeing that, maybe it's not the Grandtec...
I see it sometimes also, but not all the time.

I'm so tempted to turn overscan for my PC, it might just hide the watermarks and that top frame problem...

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