[mythtv] State of play Re. DB support (MySQL versions, Postgresql etc.)

Fernando Vilas fvilas at iname.com
Sun May 14 20:38:50 UTC 2006

On Sunday May 14 2006 14:05, Isaac Richards wrote:
> I don't see the point of supporting one big database engine (mysql) as well as 
> supporting another big database engine (postgres).  Doesn't really add any 
> value that I can see except for people who are philosophically opposed to 
> running mysql, and it adds considerably to the difficulty of development 
> (having to test with both, etc).

You're right, it does create additional difficulty in development, especially in the testing department.  However, there are people who are not "philosophically opposed to MySQL", but rather already have a different db server installed for other reasons and don't want to maintain 2 db servers on the same system.  I suspect this will become even more prevalent as the personal release of Oracle and the Cygwin releases of MythTV become more popular.  The additional DB backends could always be labeled as "alpha" or otherwise unsupported for those who like Myth, but have different database needs.

Fernando Vilas
fvilas at iname.com

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