[mythtv] MythTV Theme - MidnightCode from LifeisnoStoryBook

Ian Latter ian.latter at midnightcode.org
Sun May 14 12:45:12 UTC 2006

Greetings programs,

  I wanted to give the Dev community a couple of days heads-up on 
this, before I released it to the User community.  Please provide any
feedback, change requests, etc to either the list or to Tex and I 
directly.  This will be the first public post on this topic - there has been
no other release of this software.

  As a collaborative work between the designer of Life is no Story Book
and the programmer of Midnight Code, I offer the MythTV "MidnightCode"
theme - version 1.0.  It is an extension of the original Midnight Code site 
design from the creative mind at LifeisnoStoryBook.com.  The objective of 
this work was to produce a clean, readable, and consistent "MidnightCode"
theme for the Midnight Code MythTV project, Project Jupiter.

  The MythTV MidnightCode theme can be downloaded / found online at 
both of these locations;

      o http://lifeisnostorybook.com/node/143
      o http://midnightcode.org/projects/jupiter/

  The rest of this email has been taken directly from the included README.
See that README file for Feedback, Install and License information (it is 
released under the GPL, except for the Midnight Code logo and the 
background graphic).

  -- [From the README] ----------------------------------- -  -  -    -     -


    Some graphics in this theme package are original graphics from the
    Abstract MythTV theme by Michael Jay Sherman and from the Default
    MythTV theme from the MythTV project.

    All other art-work for this theme was developed by Texas Slim of
    LifeisnoStorybook.com - she only stopped development to give birth.


    The following features, options and extensions have been
    considered in the development of this theme;

      o This theme supports the following MythTV modules; MythBrowser,
        MythDVD, MythGallery, MythGame, MythMusic, MythNews, MythPhone,
        and MythWeather.  There is also coded, but untested, support
        for MythWebCam.

      o The theme itself is of reasonable contrast, so as to sustain
        good readability.  It has also been designed to provide the
        most consistent navigation experience possible, across all

      o The List View for MythVideo is recommended for the best mix of
        navigation and per-content item detail.

      o This theme was tested successfully on MythTV version 0.18.1


    There are a handful of changes that are needed and will probably be
    made over time (in later versions of the theme);

      o There is currently no wide-screen support (we don't own one to
        test it - it may work?)

      o There are some parts of some screens where contrast falls short
        of optimal, and there are some screens that do not fully conform
        to the desired style (in areas such as page titles)

      o There is some concern that the Invalid QTLook options may be
        used in MythTV, but that these did not show up in testing (they
        are currently set to the Disabled values)

      o No attempt has been made to develop a suitable OSD theme

      o No attempt has been made to develop a suitable MythWeb theme

  -- [From the README] ----------------------------------- -  -  -    -     -

  Thanks for the fantastic software guys, I hope you enjoy this addition 
to your project.

Ian Latter
Late night coder ..

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