[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #1772: Allow Multiple Channels from 1 Transponder...

Aaron McCarthy mccarthy.aaron at gmail.com
Sun May 14 08:07:10 UTC 2006

On Sunday 14 May 2006 06:11, Jochen Kühner wrote:
> when it is included in the dvb recorder to record to multiple files, we
> also need to implement to allow the use different pids for the files so
> we can use another channel from the same mplex!

That is what I plan to do.  What I am aiming to do first is to get recording 
to multiple files.  This is so I can record two back to back programs from 
the same channel on the same card with overlap.

> how far are you with your implementation, and are you still working on
> this or not??

No more than what I submitted on track.  Life keeps on getting in the way.  
Also, my only DVB hardware is in my production box and it is typically 
recording stuff when I have time to work on this.  That is why I developed 
most of this using the record from mpeg file feature of the MpegRecorder 
class.  I should be able to work on it this week and this weekend.

> and have you seen that in the myth-eit branch a lot of the dvb things
> changed, so we need to implement the patches to this... ???

Haven't even looked at it.  The changes needed to implement this aren't very 
great, but it will need to be redone when the changes in they myth-eit branch 
get merged into trunk.  From most of the commit logs I've seen the changes in 
myth-eit have not affected the DVBRecorder class.  There are some but it 
shouldn't be too difficult.

> and i see your scheudler patch works like mine, i also thought of adding
> a field to the programm info, by mine was only a first quick dirty hack!
> i also think that there are a little more changes to do, because now if
> due some recordings for example a channel is recored on the second card
> and then ther comes a programm with the same mplex, but the first card
> is free i think this one is used (need to be checked). but if it is so,
> the first card is blocked but it is not needed! but that is a later
> problem, if everything works...

My situation is, I have two DVB-T cards, both exactly the same and both 
plugged into the same antenna.  When I modified the scheduler code it looked 
like the scheduler assigned programs to each of the cards in numerical order.  
So this situation shouldn't come up.  The only situation where a higher 
numbered card could be assigned a recording before a lower numbered card is 
when they are connected to different sources.  In which case in your example 
the second program on the same mux would not be able to be recorded on first 
card.  Of course I could be wrong.  If what you say is indeed the case then 
it is a scheduler issue and independent of getting the recorders doing the 
right thing.


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