[mythtv] MythArchive cutlist problem

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Sat May 13 23:39:28 UTC 2006

Oh - where do I start!

So I start by cueing up some files under "Find files to" (the word Archive
is missing!!)/ "Select Recordings". Having selected them I realise I
forgot to create a cutlist. I back out of MythArchive and into Play/Edit
to create the cutlists. Coming back into MythArchive and now I can select
a cutlist on each file - so far so good.

I go into the Export video screen and select the files I want but they
each say "No cutlist available" - very odd. I go back to the Find files
screen and remove the files from the selection, exit MythArchive and in
fact to be sure, exit Mythfrontend completely. Come back in and the
selections are still present in Find files (I was hoping to re-select them
and then perhaps get a cutlist?) and the Export dialog still complains
that there is no cutlist.

Tried making an ISO image and sure enough, no commercial cuts :-(

On another note...
I still can't get my head round the navigation in the UI - for example, in
the Select Recordings dialog, Left/Right moves through the Show Recordings
groups. This makes sense. Down moves me into the list of recordings in a
particular group where Left/Right move me up and down between the list and
the group selection and the Cancel button (on the settings screens,
Left/Right are used to toggle radio buttons). Up/Down move within the
group but there is no wrap as in other Myth dialogs (EPG, settings etc).
Select is used to toggle a selection whereas other Myth dialogs use Select
to move to the next screen.
My brain hurts...

Robin Gilks

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