[mythtv] Feasability of using software scalers in mythtv videoout

matt mead m-mythtv at goof.com
Thu May 11 13:17:38 UTC 2006

Steven Adeff wrote:
> On 5/11/06, Petr Stehlik <pstehlik at sophics.cz> wrote:
>> The difference is vast. I would be very interested in the software
>> scaler in Myth (got 1360x768 output resolution while having most source
>> PAL only).

> This would also be a great way to handle overscan for video playback,
> allow the user to specify the screen size and position (like with the
> GUI settings) and the software scaler could properly place the image
> on their screen.

Cool idea!

> I'd also be interested to see how it fares against converting 720p to
> 1080p for all the new native 1080p displays coming out (mainly to see
> if its worth using the software scaler over the internal scalers built
> in to the tv's).

Can you say put that in its own thread and buy an Athlon 64 X2?


matt mead


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