[mythtv] Backend oddness

Robert LeBlanc robert at leblancnet.us
Wed May 10 04:43:01 UTC 2006

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> Robert LeBlanc wrote:
> >
> > Ok, so I've been swamped with school the last several months and
> > finally getting out from under it all so please excuse me if this
> > been covered. I upgraded to .19 when it was released and I am
> > Debian Etch. I get the following when I run the backend for a long
> >
> Make sure you are running 0.19-fixes as there was a problem with MySQL
> and new behavior for how it times out connections that had to be
> around.
> Kevin

Sorry if this sounds real simple, but I'm only seeing 0.19 in the
download area, is this something I need to get from SVN? I only know how
to check-out the latest version.

Robert LeBlanc

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