[mythtv] ALSA support

Robert LeBlanc robert at leblancnet.us
Tue May 9 13:49:06 UTC 2006

> >OK thanks!  I'm not a user just forwarding the question from the alsa
> >list.  Sorry for the noise.
> >
> >
> Well, if it's becoming an FAQ then fair enough.
> Probably the issue is that it's reasonably obvious that you need to
> change the sound output device when switching to alsa, but it's more
> subtle what you put into the mixer device box.  I guess more could be
> done here to make it user friendly, but I seem to recall that there is
> some help text printed giving some clues?
> Ed W
> _______________________________________________

Hmmm, so one thing that I've wanted to see was Myth be an auxiliary
device. It is fairly annoying when I run Myth and then have a system
event that generates sound and it blares through the system because Myth
has to control the main volume level. I may have just configured it
wrong, but I wasn't able to find much documentation on ALSA for Myth.
Any hints on what to try or where to look?

Robert LeBlanc

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