[mythtv] Any development on VPS (video programming system)

Petr Stehlik pstehlik at sophics.cz
Tue May 9 11:05:39 UTC 2006

Martin wrote:
> The biggest problem may be the scheduler, which has to search on all channels 
> for to early / late recordings (out of time / date) ... Mythbox (backend) has 
> to be ON every time (no possible timer wakeup) if there is only one VPS 
> recorded show ...

I don't think it's that complicated. I'd say that main purpose of VPS is 
to delay the recording of shows that get delayed by say live sports. So 
say that there is a football game between 3 and 5 and then Simpsons 
begins at 5. I want to record the Simpsons. MythTV awakes at 4:55 to get 
ready for recording at 5:00. But then it receives the VPS that the 
football game will continue for another 25 minutes thus the Simpsons 
will start at 5:25. So MythTV will just sit there and wait for 5:25 to 
start the actual recording.

IOW, I'd use VPS as the EIT is used for now-next - simply last-minute 
changes to the schedule. That's why I think it wouldn't need any 
dramatic changes in MythTV core etc.


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