[mythtv] Extending mythweather units.

Sid Boyce sboyce at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon May 8 18:09:26 UTC 2006

Tim Phipps wrote:
> Hi All,
> 	Unfortunately I'm a middle aged English bloke so my preference of measurement 
> units is completely mangled i. e. I work in Celsius and miles. I've hacked 
> mythweather so it displays in my preferred units but I'd rather get a patch 
> accepted into the source so I don't have to keep doing this so I've a few 
> questions.
> *) Would anyone else be interested in weird mixes of units?
> *) if so what?
> If there turns out to only be a few common mixes would it be OK to just add 
> the to the list on the mythweather setting page and extend the SIUnits config 
> setting to include the same?
> That would be my preference. I can see a need for a fully customizable way to 
> keep the current setting behaviour and have an override for each type of 
> measurement (temp, speed, distance, pressure) so we don't have an ever 
> growing list of styles but I don't know how that would work in the GUI or the 
> config settings.
> The actual code change look pretty simple, it just means splitting the 
> convertData variable into four.
> Cheers,
> Tim.
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