[mythtv] MythArchive has been added to svn - Please test

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Mon May 8 09:33:06 UTC 2006

> I'm still trying to figure out the best way to fix this problem. It's
> caused by mytharchive and ffmpeg disagreeing on the stream indexes. It
> might be that ffmpeg just ignores all stream that aren't video or audio
> and indexes the streams that way. I'll have a dig though the ffmpeg code
> to see how it indexes its streams.
> In the mean time you can just remove the lines of code in the script
> that add the -map parameters. It will work for you because ivtv
> recordings only ever have one audio track.

Thanks Paul - that seems to have allowed me to progress much further.

The two main remaining issues I have are in the GUI and in using cutlists.

I find myself hitting the wrong keys all the time. The bindings don't
appear to be the same as the only other area where I've used a set of tick
boxes and selections, which is in the various setup screens (plugins as
well as mythtv itself). I expect <enter> to take me straight to the next
screen, or if its a string input, to open the virtual keyboard (I don't
think you have any string inputs actually!!). Finding its toggled a
selection is very confusing! I'm in the middle of a test with divx files
at present so can't get the selection dialogs up but I don't recall ESC
taking me back a page (but maybe it did...). Talking of divx files, are
there any rules of thumb quesses that could be made on the likely size of
the transcoded mpeg2 conversions? I think I'm about to try and put 10gigs
onto a DVD!

The next confusion is that having made a selection of recordings and/or
videos, I can no longer empty the list! I must have at least one entry :-(

The confirmation screen (is that whats its called?) has tick boxes but I
can't get to them to edit/delete the selections. Is this how it should be?

The final issue is with cutlists. I selected several recordings, saw they
didn't have a cutlist I could tick so went back to the cutlist editor in
the play menu to set them up. The selection menu then allowed me to tick
the boxes (OK so far!). Having started the scrunch onto a dvd iso image, I
see it doesn't first pass the files through mpeg2cut but wacks them
straight into ffmpeg. Has it kept a copy of the file details of my first
selection and not updated it when I added the cutlist? This is where I
tried to remove all the recordings from the ist but had to leave at least
one in.

Apart from this (ducks quickly) its looking really good - love the default
themes that are SO much more polished than the old mythburn :-)

Robin Gilks

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