[mythtv] Timebar in playback wrong due to incorrect marks from mythcommflag --rebuild

wsslkmpr at nc.rr.com wsslkmpr at nc.rr.com
Mon May 8 00:08:50 UTC 2006

I am using mythtv as a mirror of the files on my tivo. The files get 
pulled, converted through vsplit from .ty files to .mpg files, and added 
to the database based on the xml file from the tivo. I then try and run 
'mythcommflag --rebuild' on them. myFramesPlayed and totalFrames are 
both correct in NuppelVideoPlayer::RebuildSeekTable, however the MARK 
entry placed in the recordedmarkup table is short by around a factor of 
3 (for example, a file with 107,000+ frames will finish with a highest 
mark of only 35,000). This causes the timebar to be incorrect during 
playback. Subsequent runs of mythcommflag don't detect commercials 
(maybe because the seek table is wrong??). I've attached a log for the 
--rebuild run with the -v playback outputs. Also notice the marks are 
inserted only after key frame distance changes from something to 3 which 
seems like peculiar coincidence. This has been tested with both 0.19 and 
whatever comes down today with svn. The mpg files otherwise play fine in 
both mplayer and mythtv. The timebar was correct (although ff/rw was 
obviously not working) prior to the recordedmarkup table being generated.

Any ideas on where to go from here, requests for more information?

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