[mythtv] More scheduling scheduler

Paul Andreassen paulx at andreassen.com.au
Sun May 7 15:17:54 UTC 2006

On Fri, 5 May 2006 07:01 am, David Engel wrote:
> On Thu, May 04, 2006 at 03:14:10AM +1000, Paul Andreassen wrote:
> > It removes any softpadding and then adds the the new partial softpadding.
> > Work fine here.  A bit convoluted because I wanted to add the two tests.
> Ah, yes, I see it now.  One thing that is wrong is it can change the
> end time of a program that is currently recording and doesn't inform
> the recorder of the change.  That's not a case I want to deal with
> right now, so please don't change the times for rsRecording programs.

What does a cardid of 0 mean and is only set in PruneRedundants?

Fixed in attached patch.  This assumes that the softpadding is going to be 
soft even for high priority programs.  If not the longer commented section 
should work.

> > > No, leave it the way it is in the timedate area.
> >
> > Now I'm confused, will I just enlarge the "timedate" field in the themes
> > and add the colour change if not full soft padding in effect?
> Is the current timedate area not big enough?  If it isn't, then yes,
> enlarge it.

In my limited testing, it appears to depend on the font size (big, default, 
small), the theme and the display resolution.  Bigger fonts worse and smaller 
resolution worse.  Hopefully the themes will be very similar for the 
"conflict", "schdiff" and "programlist" windows.

In Watch Recordings screen (for default, MythCenter, 12x29+640x512) the 
timedate + offsetstring doesn't fit due to the picture.  I'm not sure if it 
needs to be displayed on this screen.

I've extended the timedate area only for conflict and schdiff but not 
programlist.  programlist is used in previouslist.cpp for after scheduling 
and in proglist.cpp for before scheduling.  Neither had any softpadding to 

I used 2/3 of the 'record' colour for droppedsoft so it appears darker.

Attached is a separate patch the myththemes.

> > We could alway change MoveHigherRecords and TryAnotherShowing to allow
> > soft dropping on higher priority shows.
> That's a possibility.  It might not be too disruptive, but I'll have
> to think about it some more.
> On the other hand, even though SchedMoveHigher defaults to off,
> everyone recommends turning it on and I don't know of anyone who
> intentionally leaves it off.  Perhaps it's time to do away with that
> setting.

I was puzzled why the default wasn't on and would recommend enabling to 

I've compiled with '[9863]  Make soft padding work better when 
SchedMoveHigher? is disabled.' and soft padding isn't removed for high 
priority programs even when SchedMoveHigher is enabled.

The override problem is gone.

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