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Roger Martensson roger.martensson at gmail.com
Sat May 6 16:22:23 UTC 2006


I'm planning to implement a Flag-show mechanism. I thought I should write
here first to see if someone here is already working on such a thing or if
there is a better way to do it.

My scenario is as follows:
"In my household we are two watching shows. Some are mine and some are my
girlfriends. Most of the shows are shows that we both watch.
Our work hours differs alot and sometimes I'm at bed when my girlfriend
watches shows and I might watch them while she is at work.

Currently we have to talk to each other to ask if we both have seen a show
or not. That is ofcourse a very interesting and I do enjoy talking to her
but sometimes it we would like to have a way to flag a show as seen.

When I have seen a show I instead of deleting it I will 'unflag' my
watching. When girlfriend gets time to watch the show she 'unflag' it. Since
I have already seen it and 'unflagged' it she assumes it is ok to delete the

After looking at the code I think I have spotted several places to change.

First of all we need to append a new column to the database.
I first thought I could use the autoexpire. After some more thinking I could
identify a need to sometimes to autoexpire a show if the show is 'flagged'.
Hence the extra column.

A setting choosing between if one want to autoexpire 'flagged' automatically
or not.
Add GUI to add flag in the recordingschedule.
GUI to increase or decrease the flag when watching.

This flag is an unsigned int holding a number 0 and up. (If you're a
household with 10 people it should work too :) ).

I'm already working on it so I'll drop a note here(and in maybe in trac)
when I have a functioning patch.

One place I'm not so sure of is where can I put information of how many
"levels" of flagging have I on the currently selected show. I thought of
using the icon-row at the bottom but I'm not so sure how to implement it
since it has to atleast show the number of "flag level" to be easy and
intuitive for the user.

Is it possible to put several icons on the same coordinates and making sure
in code to only highlight one at the time?

Anyway.. If anyone is interested to know more drop a mail here on list or
mejl me offlist.
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