[mythtv] New Method for Commercial Detection.

Lucas Meijer lucas at mach8.nl
Fri May 5 11:06:21 UTC 2006

Robert Dunn wrote:
> Thanks Lucas, that was exactly what I was looking for. Ive obtained a
> computer to use for this and a PVR-350 card will be on the way shortly, 
> what I was wondering is its been a while since I did any development 
> work on a linux platform. Which linux distro and  tools are you guys 
> using for development, i'd like to stay as close to what you guys are 
> using as possible. Ive got a lot of reading about mythTV before I can do 
> any coding mind you =D
I don't think it really matters. I use gentoo, (mind you, I'm not a myth 
developer, just a guy who
happened to submit a tiny bit of code ages ago, that happens to be very 
related to what you're interested in).
I believe Isaac uses Ubuntu, but you should be cool with any linux 
distro..   most myth developers prefer
working in simple text editors (vi, emacs, whatever)..   Coming from a 
visual studio background, I like
KDevelop, as it happens to look like what I'm used to. It recognizes 
myth as a c++ qt project, works its magic,
and compiles it out of the box. (for me at least).

Bye, Lucas

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